About ZEDE

ZEDES are territorial spaces that are highly attractive for domestic and foreign investment, which are an inalienable part of the State of Honduras, subject to the Constitution of the Republic and the national government on issues related to sovereignty, application of justice, territory, national defense, foreign affairs, electoral issues, issuing of identity documents and passports, as established in Article 329, in its paragraph 7 of the Constitution of the Republic.
The areas of Employment and Economic Development (ZEDE), have legal personality, are authorized to establish its own policy and regulations, created with the purpose of accelerating the implementation of the goals of the Plan of Nation and facilitate conditions that will enable the country to the insertion in the global markets under highly competitive and stable rules. This through the adoption of technologies that allow produce with high added value, in a transparent environment and able to attract domestic and foreign investments that are required to grow rapidly, create the jobs that are needed to reduce social inequalities and to equip the population of services in the areas of education, health, public safety and infrastructure that would allow for a real improvement in the living conditions of the Hondurans.
Within the same, have full Applicability the Articles 10, 11, 12, 13, 15 and 19 of the Constitution of the Republic.
The ZEDEs can be created with the objective of developing:
1.International Logistics Centers: allows the permanence or processing of goods on a large scale. Colon Free Zone in Panama.
2.International Commercial Courts: Courts specialized in the area of trade that can be used by companies and individual national and foreign traders to resolve their disputes. Lowers the cost of doing business and to Hondurans would give them an alternative. (the Isle of Man, in the Great Britain).
3.Special Districts of investment: allows the integration of service delivery centers. Cayman Enterprise City (Grand Cayman)
4.Renewable Energy districts: allows to population centers to create the conditions to attract large investments in renewable energy. Arizona. Solar parks of Arizona.
5.Special Economic Zones: is a geographical region that has economic laws and of another type that are directed to a greater extent to a free market economy, that laws typical of a country or nation. The laws on "National Scope" may be suspended within a special economic zone. Shenzhen, China.
6.areas subject to a special legal system: areas that operate under a different legal tradition to the common. International financial district court of Dubai. Operate under Common Law while the rest of the country remains the Islamic law.
7.Special Agro-industrial areas: allows the integration of incentives to achieve export value-added agricultural goods. Asparagus crops in Peru.
8.Special Tourist Areas: allows special conditions to create important tourist centers in areas not developed. Cancun.