The Committee for the Adoption of Best Practices (CAMP) of the Zones for Employment and Economic Development (ZEDE) to the National and International community informs the following:

The special regime for the Zones for Employment and Economic Development (ZEDE) has been created as a mechanism to generate accelerated economic growth with the objective of allowing full human development under the principles of respect of human rights, nondiscrimination for reasons of race, gender or of any other kind and equal rights and opportunities for all.

It follows internationally successful practices and must be founded on rule of law as an essential prerequisite without which it cannot function.

The principles previously mentioned are an essential part of the ZEDE Organic Law, particularly in articles 9 (declaration of equality and rejection of discrimination under any form), 10 (ratification of the full enforceability of international instruments on human rights), 16 (creation of a special tribunal to attend human rights violations that may occur within the ZEDE) and 43 (prohibition of any act that violates property rights of indigenous and afro descendant peoples over those lands that have been granted to them and ratification of the full enforceability of ILO┬┤s Convention 169 within the ZEDE).

Given the recent circulation of a digital publication through social networks in which a false allegation is made about the supposed sympathy of a member of this Committee with ideologies alien to these principles, we must manifest the following:

1. This Committee in full firmly rejects any form of discrimination and ratifies its commitment with the inclusion of all persons.

2. Each and every one of the members of this committee have demonstrated throughout their lives and professional careers a clear commitment with these principles, which can be easily verified with a simple investigation of their positions. In the case of Mrs. Barbara Kolm, her position in favor of migration without ethnic or racial discrimination is public. We invite the public to read this presentation she gave a few months ago on that issue:

3. This Committee firmly believes that Honduras has been, is and should remain a multiethnic and multicultural society, which enriches and strengthens it. In that sense, we ratify our commitment to diversity and our rejection of racism and discrimination in all of their forms.

Given in the city of Tegucigalpa on the 28th of June 2016